Practice Policies

Managed Care Insurance

While our first priority is the care of children, we must also adhere to the guidelines and procedures of the managed health care system.  We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we try to follow these rules.

Changes in Health Care Coverage

Please notify us of any changes in your health care coverage so that we know where to submit charges to. Failure to do so may result in charges that you will be responsible for. Even if we accept your insurance, we do not have information on your individual policy and its coverage. We ask that parents know their policy and its rules. While we will do our best to assist you, coverage can vary within a given insurer and may change frequently; we cannot be responsible for coverage issues.

Presenting Your Insurance Card

Please be prepared to present your insurance card at each visit. Even if we have scanned your card, it is an insurance company requirement that we ask you to present your card. If a caretaker brings in your child, please give him or her your child’s card. Also, please be prepared to pay your copayment with each visit.  An administrative fee will be added if the “copay” is not paid at the time of your visit.


If your insurance company requires that you have a referral prior to seeing a specialist for an elective (non-emergency) visit, we ask that your child be seen by us first. If your child has a medical emergency and needs an insurance referral to a specialist, we can immediately refer. In these situations, most likely your child will have either been seen in our office or we will be responding to your phone call. In general, a visit to a hospital emergency room, if needed, does not require pre-authorization. Please note that managed care companies do not allow us to back-date referrals.

Please remember that failure to follow these procedures may result in your insurance company denying you coverage.

Other Insurance and Billing Considerations

Families with “traditional” insurance will be given an insurance form at the time of your child’s office visit. You can submit this statement to your insurance company.  Please save these forms as an additional charge will be made if duplicate copies are requested.

Questions about Your Account

If you have questions about your account, please call our office and press option 6 to reach our billing and insurance department. If you leave a message, please provide as detailed a message as possible so we can respond to your concern efficiently. If you would like to make a payment over the phone, Linda or Julie can check the balance on your account and take credit card payments over the phone.

Please note that there will be an administrative charge for returned checks and copies of billing statements. For families in which parents are divorced or separated, the person who brings a child in is responsible for the insurance copay at the time of the visit. Billing statements are sent to the person who holds the primary insurance.

Cancellation Policies

In an effort to be available as much as possible for your family, we ask parents to call us at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled well exam appointment or four hours prior to a “sick” appointment if you need to cancel. While we understand unforeseen problems arise, a fee may be charged when these guidelines are not followed.

“Emergency” and Additional Medical Forms

You will receive a standard medical form at each well child exam that can be submitted to schools and attached to camp forms. We ask parents to make copies of this form as each child is given one form per year. If you need a form filled out on an “emergency” basis or need additional forms, there will be an additional charge.