The experiences of childhood and parenthood are universal, and one of the joys of pediatrics is helping families who are adopting a child. We are here to guide and advise parents considering adoption, as well as welcome and take care of a child who is joining an adoptive family through a domestic or international adoption. Within our group are providers with expertise in adoption that can meet with you to discuss your questions at any step in the adoption process.

Pre-Adoption Process

We understand how stressful and emotional this time can be. Your physician or physician assistant is available to review the medical records of a child being considered for adoption, plot growth parameters, review blood work, and help identify any special concerns or future needs. We can also provide you with support as you are traveling; we have a list of travel medications that we customize to your child’s needs and we can be a contact for you while you are away. We often work with other specialists you may consult with as you go through the pre-adoption process.

Post-Adoption Assessment

Children arriving home should have a medical evaluation within 48 hours. At that time we can perform a thorough post-adoption assessment of your child’s medical, developmental, and psychosocial well-being. Included in this visit is a medical exam,
developmental assessment, and growth and nutrition screening. We evaluate your child’s immunization record and discuss what vaccines your child will need. Your child will require screening tests, including blood and other laboratory work, which we can do in our office. We can also make referrals to specialists, if needed.

Ongoing Support and Medical Care

After your child is home, we are able to provide the support and medical care needed to promote healthy physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Your doctor or physician assistant can also address any particular challenges you may face with transitions, adjustment, or any other concerns that adoptive families encounter.