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March 12, 2020

Coronavirus Testing

To our families: Now that community spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been documented, with the resultant closure of local school districts, colleges and non-essential businesses, Willows is taking steps to keep everyone safe.

Based on current guidelines from the State of Connecticut and the CDC, the people who should be considered for testing are:

  1. Immunocompromised individuals of any age, or those who live with an immunocompromised individual AND symptoms including fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
  2. Individuals over 60 years or anyone quarantining with an individual over 60 years of age AND symptoms including fever cough, or shortness of breath.

If you think your child needs Coronavirus testing, please call our office. We have contacted the State of Connecticut, and there is no recommendation to test asymptomatic individuals even if you have contact with a known case. Asymptomatic contacts are to self-quarantine 14 days. Day #1 is the last day any contact was made with the individual positive for COVID-19. Contacts who self-quarantine and continue to be asymptomatic may return to regular activity on Day #15. If you think your child or adolescent should be tested for COVID-19, we will discuss with you, and if appropriate, write a prescription you can bring to an established drive through testing center. (A list of all the COVID-19 testing centers in Connecticut can be found by calling 211). Please remember, when we make recommendations regarding COVID-19 testing for our patients, we must take into account published guidelines and limited resources for testing.

If your child is sick with fever, and we need to determine what your child’s diagnosis is, please call our office. We may suggest a virtual visit to assess your child, and make treatment recommendations virtually and prescribe if necessary. If your child’s symptoms require an office visit, we will schedule a time, and give you directions to enter our office via our back entrance. In any case, please call us if your child is sick and we can guide you to taking the best steps to take to keep your child safe and healthy.

We will be updating this page daily to include information as the situation changes, or as new information becomes available. As always, our primary concern is the health and safety of all of our patients. Thank you for your flexibility and understanding as we weather this difficult time together.

Updated March 24, 2020