Newborn Support Group

“It’s a Baby, Now What Do I Do?” is a support group for parents of newborns held every Tuesday from 11:00 am to noon. The group is a place to share concerns, questions, and experiences about newborns and infants up to three months of age. Laurie Rubel, APRN, IBCLC a certified lactation consultant leads the group. One of our physicians  also attends at the end of each group to help answer questions. Parents also learn from each other and exchange tips. Favorite topics include sleep, colic, infant crying, and feedings. Laurie also works with our nursing mothers on an individual basis.

The newborn group is a wonderful time to meet new parents. The group is a bonding experience; mothers (and fathers too!) often meet outside of class to socialize.

Meetings are every Tuesday from 11:00 am to noon.  There is no charge and no appointment is necessary. Infants are welcome too! (Please note: Due to Covid-19 precautions, our baby group is held by the picnic table and chairs behind our parking lot weather permitting, or on Zoom. Please call our office for information on how to log into the Zoom sessions.)

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