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Willows Pediatrics Announces New Sleep Consultant


Willows Pediatrics Group is pleased to announce our new certified sleep consultant, Sasha Carr, PhD to our offices. Families can schedule a consulation to learn about how to work with Dr. Carr to help get their baby, toddler or child’s sleep back on track.

Sasha Carr, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and certified child and family sleep consultant. She received a BA from Brown University and a PhD in Clinical/Health Psychology from Rutgers University, as well as child sleep certifications from the International Maternity Institute and the Family Sleep Institute, where she currently
helps train future sleep consultants.

Dr.. Carr provides private sleep consultations to families who are struggling with common sleep challenges, including: difficulty going to bed; frequent night wakings; inconsistent naps; and early waking. Dr. Carr also guides families through normal developmental sleep transitions, including: moving from two naps to one; from one nap to none; from parent’s room to own room; and from crib to big-kid bed. Rather than apply a single “one-size-fits-all” philosophy, Dr. Carr works with each family to determine a sleep plan which meets their unique needs.

All consultations start with a detailed assessment of your family’s situation and result
in a clear and detailed written plan to follow. Dr. Carr also provides follow-up support and guidance over the phone to help families succeed in implementing their recommended sleep plan.

Specialties & Services
Phone Sleep Coaching Package

The most popular option, combining full follow-up support with the convenience of using phone and email.

This package includes:

  • A detailed sleep assessment to identify your family’s specific sleep issues and concerns.
  • One 50-minute phone consultation with Dr. Carr to discuss and review your options and develop a plan which will work for your family.
  • A clear and comprehensive written action plan customized to meet your family’s needs.
  • Access to your own private digital sleep log to help you track your progress.
  • Follow up support: You will receive access to Dr. Carr for two weeks over email and phone to work through any issues or concerns that come up, to make adjustments if needed, and most important, to get encouragement and support as you move forward with your family’s new sleep plan.

Expecting/Newborn Consultation Package

For expecting parents or parents with babies under 16 weeks, Dr. Carr provides a private

50-minute consultation to educate you on how to establish healthy sleep habits for your baby in order to avoid having sleep issues in the future. Includes an easy-to-understand written guide to establishing healthy sleep habits. This makes a wonderful shower or welcome baby gift and gift certificates are available.