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Virtual Visits: Willows Without Walls

Willows Pediatrics giving a virtual office visit via computer Willows Pediatrics giving a virtual office visit during COVID19

Due to the ongoing concerns with COVID 19 infection, we are offering virtual visits to all of our patients. When you call in with any health concerns, you will be directed to speak to one of nurses.  Based on your child’s symptoms, we may recommend a virtual visit. A virtual visit is an audio and visual connection with your doctor or PA using your phone, iPad, or computer with a webcam. You will be a assigned an appointment time and directed to a website where you and your child will meet with your doctor or PA virtually. During this visit we can assess your child and make recommendations, or prescribe as necessary.

Just like an in-office visit, these virtual visits will be billed to your insurance company. As always, we cannot guarantee coverage. Please call us if you have any questions, we are here to help!

Connect To Your Virtual Visit

Please click on the links below to connect with Doxy.me.


Dr. Allison: Doxy.me/drallisonwillows

Dr. Marks: Doxy.me/drmarkswillows

Dr. Owens: Doxy.me/drowenswillows

Dr. Sheiman: Doxy.me/drsheimanwillows

Dr. Sollinger: Doxy.me/drsollingerwillows

Dr. Steinman: Doxy.me/drsteinmanwillows