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Staples High School Student Invites Parents to Participate in a Food Allergy Survey

Hi, my name is Liana Sonenclar and I am a rising senior at Staples High School. As part of a three-year science research program, I am investigating the impact of the environment on the development of food allergies in siblings (including twins). If you are the parent of a food-allergic child AND at least one other child who does not suffer from food allergies, your participation in the study – by simply completing a short, anonymous survey that was developed under the guidance of a pediatric allergist – would be very beneficial to the research.

I will post a link to the results of the Siblings Research study when they are published next spring. Surveys must be completed by September 30.

Here is the link to the questionnaire: http://www.createsurvey.com/s/tXA9Gb/?

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding the study, you can send me a message at allergystudy2013@gmail.com

Thank you!