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Willows Supports Sand Jam & Family Movie Night

Willow's Pediatrics at Sand Jam

Willows Pediatric Group was a proud sponsor of the Sand Jam & Family Movie Night held Thursday August 9th at Jennings Beach in Fairfield.  The event is an annual program of Fairfield’s Department of Parks and Recreation.  The doctors and staff at Willows gave away some goodies to the kids, and the kids were excited to meet their favorite doctors outside the office.

It was a fun family night for kids of all ages with music, dancing and lots of playful activites on the sand.  The evening started at 6:30 PM and was followed by the Disney animated movie Coco when it turned dark.

Families came with their beach chairs, blankets, and some munchies to enjoy a spectacular evening and have some good family time under the summer sky.

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Peanut Allergies and Your Baby: What You Should Know About the Latest Research

Many parents have questions about when peanut butter can be safely introduced.  This is understandable given that the prevalence of peanut allergies in western countries has doubled over the past ten years, and because peanut allergies are a leading cause of life-threatening allergic reactions in the United States.

For many years experts thought the best way to minimize peanut allergy was to avoid peanut products in the first years of life.  However, recent research has shown the opposite to be true; in general, the best way to minimize peanut allergies is by introducing peanut products earlier, rather than later. Read More

Fifth Disease Interview with Dr. Lauren Allison on Star 99.9

Dr. Lauren Allison was recently featured on an interview with Star 99.9.

The Anna & Raven Show is a popular radio stream from the local station Star 99.9.  Anna, one of the broadcasters, is currently pregnant and was concerned when she heard there was a recent outbreak of Fifth Disease in the local area.

Both Anna and Raven from Star 99.9 decided to interview Dr. Allison to learn more about Fifth Disease and other viral illnesses.  Below is the interview with our own Dr. Lauren Allison!

You can listen by following this link or clicking below.

Willows Earns CIRTS Award

Willow's Pediatrics wins CIRTS award

Willows does it again!!

Based on the data from the Connecticut Immunization Registry and Tracking System (CIRTS), Willows Pediatric Group has achieved a 95% immunization rate at age 2 years for children born in the year 2014.  This has contributed to sustaining Connecticut’s high immunization rate. Willows has once again been awarded a plaque in recognition of the same.

CIRTS is a free statewide immunization registry established and maintained at the Connecticut Department of Public Health. The purpose of the registry is to assure that children remain up-to-date with their immunizations and that their records are available to families when needed.

As always, the physicians, PAs and nurses at Willows are dedicated to vaccinating your infants, children and adolescents at an appropriate age to keep them protected from diseases.

Willows Supports Local Food Bank

Willow's Pediatrics Food Bank 2018

Nutrition is vital to the well-being of infants, children, and adolescents.  The entire Willows family is happy to support our local food bank (Fairfield) by collecting donations and regularly volunteering to sort and package food products to be distributed to local families.  Most recently, in April, sixteen people from Willows donated their time putting together essential food kits for children in need.  Everyone participating enjoyed the time to bond with each other and appreciated the opportunity to give back to our community.

Adolescent Screening Tests for Depression and Anxiety

Caring for your teen banner

In response to new 2018 Universal Screening Recommendations for adolescent depression and anxiety by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Willows Pediatric Group is pleased to offer your adolescent age 12 years and over the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 self-reporting screening tests.

Adolescence is a period of time when teenagers may experience changes in mood and sense of well-being. While most teenagers may be able to express their feelings, not all are capable of doing so. Studies have shown that up to 50% of adolescents with depression go unrecognized and untreated. Read More

Postpartum Depression Screening and Support

Postpartum depression at home following childbirth

Congratulations!  While the birth of a baby is one of the most joyful of events, maternal postpartum depression is the most common complication of childbearing, often going undiagnosed and unrecognized.

The first visits a mother makes with her pediatrician after her baby is born is an important time to ask about a new mom’s mood and feelings, and if needed, connect mothers with the help and support they need.  To support our new moms, their newborn infants, and families as a whole, Willows is offering the Edinburgh Postnatal Scale, a validated screening tool for postpartum depression. The 10-question self-rating scale is an efficient and effective way of identifying mothers who are at risk for postpartum depression and might benefit from follow up care and support.

When a mother comes into our office with their newborn for their baby’s two week, two month, and four month well visits, we will ask the new mom to fill out the Edinburgh screening questionnaire.  At that visit we will score the questionnaire, and based on the results, identify any possible concerns or risks.  If the questionnaire indicates any concerns, we will discuss the results with you and offer assistance if needed.

As always, at Willows we strive to provide the best and highest quality care to our families.  If you have any questions at any time about how you feel during this exciting yet often stressful time surrounding childbirth, please let us know and we will do our best to assist you.

Learn more about maternal depression at CDC.gov.

April is for Autism Awareness

Autism speaks logoApril is National Autism Awareness Month, a nationwide effort to promote autism awareness, with special efforts this year to support and celebrate inclusion, appreciation, and self-determination for those affected by autism.

To raise awareness for this special cause and support the autism community, the physicians, PAs, nurses,MA’s, administrative & billing staff, and lab techs at Willows may be wearing “blue” jeans during the month of April (blue is the signature color of autism awareness).  Also, any proceeds from the sale of Autism Awareness bracelets and pens in our office will be donated to Autism Services and Resources Connecticut (ASRC).  Please help us make this worthy cause a success.  You can view the ASRC website to see all the services they provide to families in the State of Connecticut.

National Autism SocietyAs pediatricians concerned about all aspects of your child’s health, your child’s developmental progress is vital to all of us at Willows.  In addition to following your child’s growth and development at every check-up, we offer the MCHAT (Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers) at your child’s 18-20 month checkup.  The 23 point questionnaire filled out by parents is a developmental screening tool designed to identify children who may benefit from a more thorough developmental and autism screening.  If you have any questions about this, or any aspect of your child’s growth, health and development, please talk to your physician, PA and/or nurse; we are here for you.

Autism Services and Resources CT (ASRC)

Autism Society

Autism Speaks

Unlocked Firearms in the Home: Asking Saves Kids

Most parents are aware of the staggering number of children and adolescents affected by firearm violence in the United States. What parents may not realize is that in the United States, one out of every three homes with children has a gun, and that many of these firearms are kept unlocked or loaded. Every year thousands of children and adolescents are killed and injured as a result.

In response, we want to bring to your attention The ASK (Asking Saves Kids) Campaign. This movement promotes a simple idea that has the potential to help keep all kids safe. The Ask Campaign, created in collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics, encourages parents to ASK if there is an unlocked gun in the homes where their children play. Read More