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New Vaccine Requirements for Children


Enrolled in Day Care and Preschool

Hepatitis A and Influenza Vaccines

JULY 20, 2010

Beginning September 1, 2010 all children born on or after January 1, 2009 who attend day care, including day care centers, family day care and liscenced pre-schools, must meet new State of Connecticut vaccine requirements for the Hepatitis A and Influenza vaccine.

Under the new statues, children ages 12-23 months attending day care and pre-school are required to have one dose of the Hepatitis A vaccine, and children ages 24 months and older are required to have two doses.  The Hepatitis A vaccine is given as a two dose series.  The two doses must be given at least six months apart.

Also under the new statues, by January 1, 2011 and each January 1 thereafter, children ages 6-59 months attending day care and pre-school are required to have the influenza (seasonal flu) vaccine between September 1 and December 21 of the preceding year.   Children ages 6-59 months who have not previously been vaccinated against influenza are required to receive two doses of the vaccine the first year they are vaccinated.  Children ages 6-59 months who have been previously vaccinated against the flu are required to have one dose of the influenza vaccine.

Children enrolling in day care between January 1 and March 31 are required to receive influenza vaccine prior to entering day care.  Children enrolling after March 31 do not need to meet the influenza vaccine requirements until the following January.

Please note that the earliest the influenza vaccine can be given is six months of age.  Please do not hesitate to ask your physician, PA or nurse if you have any questions.