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Head Injury and Concussion Care

willows concussion blogConcussion Care for Active Children and Adolescents in Fairfield County

Despite taking precautions, active children and adolescents may experience head injuries, need to be evaluated, and appropriate return to school and play guidelines must be provided. Year round, Willows Pediatrics is committed to providing complete, consistent and comprehensive concussion management for our patients. However, with school starting and “Concussion Season” upon us, we want to review the services and expertise Willows Pediatrics can provide to children and adolescents who experience a head injury.

Our Physician Assistants Heather Buccigross, Sue DeMelis and Ann Mauk, are trained in the diagnosis and management of concussion. They have each completed ImPACT training courses and provide complete care for patients who have, or might have, a concussion.

When your child or adolescent sees Heather, Sue or Ann, we follow the standard of care for concussion management beginning with an ACE evaluation (acute concussion evaluation) designed in collaboration with Neurologists, Concussion experts and the Center of Disease Control. Each patient that arrives with a complaint of a head injury is evaluated with a through history and an extensive neurovestibular exam including balance. In conjunction with their exam the patient may be given a King Devick eye-tracking test. This test can be used as a sideline tool for diagnosis as well as track a patient’s progress to recovery.

Top Docs AwardOur patients age eleven and older may be offered an ImPACT test following a head injury. ImPACT test is a neurocognitive test that can also help observe verbal, visual memory and reaction time following an injury. Please note that if your child plays a sport with a higher incidence of head injury, you can schedule a baseline impact test. Baseline ImPACT testing can be used to compare any post-concussion testing that may need to be done.

Our goal is to return your child or adolescent to their sport or activity of choice as quickly yet safely as possible. With head injuries, academics can also affected and often need attention. Our management of a concussion includes return to learn protocol, with notes specific to the patient’s symptoms. We also note any accommodations that may be needed in school during recovery from a concussion.

Please call your physician, PA or nurse if you have any questions – we are here to help.