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FluMist Available Now!

August 29, 2011
The FluMist intranasal influenza vaccine is now available and in stock in our office. This year’s flu vaccines, the FluMist and the injectable influenza vaccine, provide protection against both seasonal flu and the 2009 H1N1 influenza strain.

FluMist is indicated for individuals age 2 years through 49 years old. Please note that children less then five years of age who have had any episode of wheezing or been diagnosed with asthma in the past year should NOT get the FluMist, and should receive the injectable flu vaccine instead. Also, children ages 6 months to 23 months, and children of any age with chronic medical conditions such as moderate to severe asthma or immunosuppression, need to get the injectable vaccine.

The protection created by FluMist lasts one year, so that children and adolescents who are eligible may begin receiving the FluMist at this time.

How Many Doses of Flu Vaccine Does My Child Need?

Children between six months of age through eight years of age (less than nine years old) will need two doses of the flu vaccine, whether it is the Flu Mist or the injectable flu vaccine, given at least one month apart, if they have never received any flu vaccine before. Children nine years of age or older, including adolescents, only need one dose of either FluMist or the injectable vaccine.

Chidren between six months of age through eight years of age (less than nine years old) who met the requirements for two doses, but only received one dose of flu vaccine last year, need just one dose because the strains covered this year are so similar to last years’ vaccine. However, children in this same age category who did not receive any flu vaccine the past two years, and only received one dose the year they were vaccinated with flu vaccine, need two doses this year.
Please Note: Any individual who is egg allergic should not get any form of the flu vaccine.

How can my child get the FluMist Vaccine?

He or she can receive the Flu Mist at their annual checkup beginning now, or you can call for an appointment for your child to receive Flu Mist during regular office hours.

Please note the new state requirements for flu vaccine for Day Care

All children 6-59 months in Group Day Care and Family Day Care centers are required to receive at least one dose of flu vaccine between September 1 and December 1 of the preceding year. Please click back to our main news section to see the report with more details