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Change in Quarantine Guidelines

As you may have heard, on December 2nd, 2020 the CDC revised the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines. The changes shorten the required quarantine after a known exposure to COVID. However, the incubation period for the virus is 2-14 days. So a 14 day quarantine is still the most effective!

The Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) released a statement December 16, 2020 updating the CT rules to be the same as the CDC rules.

What are the new guidelines for quarantine after COVID exposure?

The new guidelines for quarantine after an exposure are:

Option 1: 10 days quarantine, no test required

  • Self-monitor for symptoms for 10 days, if no symptoms develop, then you can stop quarantining after 10 days.
  • However, on days 10-14 follow all your usual COVID precautions – masks and distancing – AND monitor for symptoms.

Option 2: 7 days quarantine, test day 5-7

  • If testing is available, then you can get tested on day 5 or later. If your PCR or Antigen/Rapid test is negative, you can leave quarantine on day 7.
  • Again, continue to monitor for symptoms until day 14 and always follow COVID precautions.

What are the chances of becoming positive after leaving a shorter quarantine?

Covid-19 Quarantine Chart by Willows Pediatrics
This helpful table above from the CT DPH summarizes the various options and residual risk of positivity.

What are the new guidelines for travel?

There is a Travel Advisory in CT; anyone traveling into the state from states on the Advisory List is required to quarantine for 10 days. (Note the length of quarantine after travel has also been decreased.)

The Advisory List includes all states except New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island. It also includes ANY international travel.

A negative PCR or Rapid/Antigen test will exempt you from quarantine. The test has to be obtained in the 72 hours prior to your return to CT or anytime following your return to CT. Wait until you get your negative result to leave quarantine.

What is Willows’ office policy regarding coming to the office?

Children against door social distancing due to covid-19

We will adopt the CDC and CT DPH guidelines for quarantine after travel and exposure for families coming to our office for “well care”. When you bring your child to our office for a well visit, it should be 10 days after a known Covid exposure or travel, or sooner if you and your child were exposed and tested negative.

Please remember if your child is sick we can accommodate you at any time! Please just let us know and we can arrange to see you child in our area reserved for “sick care”.