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A “Symptom Checker” Tool To Help You At Home!

If you’re out of town or can’t make it into Willows Pediatrics when your child gets injured or seems ill, there’s a new online tool for you! HealthyChildren.org has developed a KidsDoc Symptom Checker app that may very well become one of your most-used apps.

We like the app because it offers advice derived from clinical protocols … plus definitions of diseases and decision charts about when to call us or to call 911.

Of course, our on-call doctors are just a phone call away, but sometimes parents and caregivers are just not sure if their children need to be treated or seen by a physician. This tool can help make that decision. In addition, it offers dosage charts for common over-the-counter medicines, illustrations for first-aid treatment and visual images to help you identify rashes, bites and other symptoms.

We’re always here for you, but it’s also nice to have an online tool to take wherever you go!

Image via Fotopedia.com