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5 Week Workshop: Parenting an Anxious Child

(for Parents of Children in Grades 5-8)

Led by Psychologist, Katie Liebenberg, Psy.D &
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Susan Raphael, LMFT

Would you like to reduce the stress that comes with parenting an anxious child?
Parenting even the most well adjusted child can be frustrating and exhausting, but parenting a child with anxiety presents a different set of challenges. The good news is that research shows that there are parenting strategies that can make it easier to help your child manage anxiety.

Willows is excited to announce a 5-week workshop that will give parents the tools to begin the school year with a fresh approach. You will have the opportunity to learn skills that will help you be proactive, rather than reactive with your anxious child.

The workshop will help parents:

  • Understand anxiety and its biology
  • Feel more confident in developing rules and setting limits
  • Address school issues
  • Provide an environment that feels safe for your child

Workshop Agenda:

Session 1: Understanding anxiety
Session 2: Addressing parental conflicts with anxious children (i.e. enabling, rule setting)
Session 3: Strategies for working with anxious children
Session 4: School issues and strategies
Session 5: Skill practice and wrap up

So if you want to feel prepared to help your child rather than feeling overwhelmed, and reduce the stress in your family, please consider joining us for this workshop.

Workshop will consist of five 90 minute sessions for parents to be held here at Willows. It is the hope that there will be workshops for the children of the participating parents scheduled upon completion of the 5 parent sessions.

Workshop schedule – Thursday’s 12 to 1:30 pm in October: 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29.

If you are interested in participating please contact your MD/PA we can make the referral for you.

You will then be called by the workshop leaders to make sure that the workshop will be appropriate for you to participate in and will allow you to ask any questions that you might have.

Cost of the workshop will be $200.00 for the total package payable when you are enrolled